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Firm Update: Wiser's Fall 2020 Best Practices and COVID-19 Client Service Safety Protocols; MI Phase 4 & 5

Firm Update: Wiser's Fall 2020 Best Practices and COVID-19 Client Service Safety Protocols; MI Phase 4 & 5

Friday, September 25, 2020

Dear Wiser Financial Group Clients and Friends,

As we continue to examine the developments regarding the COVID-19 Virus, or commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, The Wiser Financial Group recognizes the confusion and uncertainty that individuals may be feeling, affected by the impacts of this global outbreak. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our clients, staff, and the communities we serve; Our thoughts are with those individuals and their families who must cope with the virus during this heightened time.

As most of you know, The Wiser Financial Group Office is in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Southwest Region of Michigan. In the State's best attempt to measure and contain the outbreak of COVID-19 across the state, our State Government divided Michigan into Eight (8) Regions and provided limitations and rules for reopening based on your assigned region; Kalamazoo County and The Wiser Financial Group Office are a part of Region 3.

The State Government defined Six (6) Phases of Reopening of how things can change in each region concerning how a business can operate, and as to what activities can begin to take place. Currently, Kalamazoo is in Phase 4, which means the situation regarding COVID-19 is improving. On July 29th, 2020, Governor Whitmer issued the most recent order that outlines how we must operate as an office; It is Executive Order 2020-161 “Safeguards to Protect Michigan Workers from COVID-19”.

What that means for The Wiser Financial Group Office is that by the State of Michigan, we must continue to have our employees work from home, if they can do so. Currently, most of our staff are working remotely from the safety of their homes and are succeeding gracefully in this "new normal" of virtual work.

Regarding the Next Phase of Reopening, once our Region 3 is deemed a Phase 5 Status (successfully containing the spread of COVID-19), our employees can begin to return to the office. While many of our employees are eager to return to the office for some sort of normalcy, there will be a few changes on the horizon of how we will need to navigate our office differently to protect our clients and our team as a whole.

Right now, our office lobby is open, and we do have staff and financial advisors in the office daily. Even with most of our team working remotely, please know, if you pop by our office during regular business hours, there will be someone from our team to help you.

To better protect you, our clients, and our staff, we have enacted a series of best practices and company protocols to take our sanitation and personal hygiene standards to the next level. Here are our updated Wiser Financial Group Best Practices and New Protocols to include the following: 

The Wiser Financial Group Best Practices and New Protocols: Reopening Phase 4 & 5

Availability and encouragement for all client advisory appointments to be conducted via Zoom or a Phone Call.

Employees and visitors who enter our building must answer a health questionnaire upon entry into the building.

  If any employees have any symptoms of being sick, they are not allowed to enter the building.

  If any clients have any symptoms of being sick, we ask that you not attempt to enter the building.

In-person appointments are available if needed.

  The large conference room is where we are conducting all in-person meetings at this time.

  Before each client appointment, and after, the tables, chairs, etc., will be sanitized according to best practices.

Increased Sanitation of shared Common Areas;

  Most Specifically; Door Handles/Nobs, Common Counter Areas, Reception, Conference Rooms, and Advisory Office Areas

A Moratorium on Greeting through Personal Contact (handshakes, hugs, etc.)

Enhanced individual hygiene efforts by the staff and advisors, including more hand washing and sanitizer use

An Increased Presence of Hand Sanitizer in all areas of The Wiser Financial Group Operations, both for the Team and Client use

A Strict Policy that requires all employees who show any Symptoms of Illness to either stay home, or they will be sent home, immediately

Naturally, we encourage everyone, including our clients, friends, and families, to practice these healthy habits and take precautionary health measures during this time.

We will closely monitor federal, state, and local agencies, and we will take the appropriate steps to continue to protect our Wiser Financial Group family and update accordingly.

Please know the situation does not alter The Wiser Financial Group’s focus on continuing to serve our clients, our staff, and our communities as a top priority. If you would like further information regarding Michigan’s Plan and State Information on COVID-19, please go to the following link:

The Wiser Financial Group

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