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Protecting Your Dreams, Providing Perspective for Your Future

One of the greatest gifts you could give to your family is providing precise details for handling your estate and/or your business if the time comes when you’re no longer able. Estate planning can help alleviate burdens, stress, confusion and misunderstandings of how you wish your assets to be managed, distributed or preserved. Family dynamics can further complicate an already complex matter.

It’s easy to see why it’s Wiser to start your estate planning sooner rather than later. Our Wiser Financial Group experts will work closely with you and your outside legal counsel to break down this process, from writing a will, to designating an executor, to reducing the liability of estate taxes, as well as other considerations that may be unique to your family.

To learn how the professionals at The Wiser Financial Group can help you with your estate planning, please call us at (800) 292-1472, (269) 372-1430 or complete the online contact form.

Meet Your Estate Advisors

  • Wesley Lentz

    Wesley Lentz

    Managing Partner, Financial Advisor, CFP®, J.D.

Meet the Wiser Advisors

Everyone who comes through our doors has their own financial story. We’ll take the time to find a Wiser Advisor for you who has the right expertise to respond to your unique needs.