Our Process

Our six-step approach is our customized process to enable financial independence through goals-based investing.

Step 1: The Breakthrough Conversation™

We want to know your life story. Share your past successes, obstacles and the future you envision. You set the goals and we listen. This is the first step in developing a road map to help you achieve your lifetime goals. You talk. We listen.

Step 2: The Strategic Analysis™

From The Breakthrough Conversation™, we will help you build new opportunities, eliminate any roadblocks and maximize your strengths as we move forward.

Step 3: The Solution for Success™

Our team of investment professionals will provide the experience and creative direction in a written plan to serve as your guide to financial freedom.

Step 4: The Vested Decision™

With our process and your commitment, confidence, ownership and discipline, it is our goal to help you achieve the ultimate reward-your financial independence.

Step 5: The Critical Review Process™

Through our systematic communication, we will periodically monitor and review your process to continually make the necessary adjustments as we keep your financial plan on track.

Step 6: The Continuous Learning Loop™

Our process never ends! Through our experience, clients become empowered from continued knowledge and direction. As a preferred client, you will be invited to informative educational forums throughout the year and our annual client celebration, which is one of the premier events in Southwest Michigan.

The Core Investing Process

Diagram of unique 6-step process

The professionals at WFG construct investment portfolios across different asset classes for each client. As independent advisors we have access to thousands of products, fixed income securities, preferred and common stocks, and alternative investments. We believe asset allocation* is the key to financial success in combination with your appetite for risk. We recommend no proprietary products or investments and have maintained that independent status for over 40 years.

*Asset allocation does not protect against loss of principal.